Q1. The Value Added Tax is the most common transfer tax used in the U.S. a. true b. false Q2. Which of the following laws protect the trademarked names owned

Q1. The Value Added Tax is the most common transfer tax used in the U.S. a. true b. false Q2. Which of the following laws protect the trademarked names owned by corporations from being registered as domain names by other parties? a. WIPO b. common law c. statutory law d. ACPA Q3. The physical boundary, when crossed, provides ____ that one set of rules has been replaced by a different set of rules. a. effect b. power c. notice d. legitimacy Q4. Non-U.S. corporations and individuals cannot be sued in U.S. courts if they conduct business in the U.S. a. true b. false Q5. ____ is a form of control over physical space and the people and objects that reside in that space, and is a defining characteristic of statehood. a. Ethics b. Culture c. Laws d. Power Q6. One of the major privacy controversies in the United States today is the opt-in vs. opt-out issue. a. true b. false Q7. Territorial borders in the physical world serve a useful purpose in which of the following? a. electronic commerce b. traditional commerce c. EFT d. EDI Q8. Disputes that arise when one person has registered a domain name that is an existing trademark or company name are settled by the ____. a. WIPO b. common law c. statutory law d. ACPA Q9. ____ software is developed by a community of programmers who make the software available for download at no cost. a. FTP b. ASP c. Open-source d. Telnet Q10. Most large centralized sites use load-balancing systems, which costs additional money, to assign the workload efficiently. a. true b. false Q11. Which of the following is the number of HTTP requests that a particular hardware and software combination can process in a unit of time? a. output b. throughput c. orderput d. Tracert Q12. The centralized architecture spreads risk over a large number of servers. a. true b. false Q13. The Internet connects many different types of computers running different types of operating system software. a. true b. false Q14. A(n) ____ is a Web page whose content is shaped by a program in response to user requests. a. static page b. stable page c. dynamic page d. moving file Q15. A development site cannot reside on an existing PC running Web server software. a. true b. false Q16. The decentralized architecture requires expensive computers and is more sensitive to the effects of technical problems. a. true b. false Q17. Bigstep has received many industry awards for its CSP offering. a. true b. false Q18. The characteristics of the logic unit that make up specific Web services are described using the ____. a. WSDL b. UDDI c. W3C d. SOAP Q19. ____ software is a type of software designed to businesses manage the information in documents (rather then the documents themselves). a. Programming management b. Knowledge management c. Indexing management d. Information management Q20. SCM planning software s companies develop coordinated demand forecasts using information from each participant in the supply chain. a. true b. false Q21. For a selling business, ____ software provides standard electronic commerce activities, such as secure transaction processing and fulfillment. a. midrange b. e-business c. Web hosting d. server-based Q22. ____ is used to look for hidden patterns in data. a. Data mining b. Data base c. Data warehousing d. Report generation Q23. ValueWeb is an example of a commerce service provider. a. true b. false Q24. ____ software packages integrate all facets of a business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. a. ERP b. UPS c. URL d. UDDI Q25. Necessity refers to preventing data delays or denials (removal) within the context of computer security. a. true b. false Q26. Absolute security is relatively easy to achieve. a. true b. false Q27. Any message traveling on the Internet is subject to secrecy, integrity, and necessity violations. a. true b. false Q28. When a Windows-based Web browser downloads a Web page containing an embedded ActiveX control, the control is executed on the client computer. a. true b. false Q29. The ____ is a set of encryption algorithms adopted by the U.S. government for encrypting sensitive or commercial information. a. PGP b. NIST c. AES d. DES Q30. Worms can spread quickly through the Internet. a. true b. false Q31. ____ is the protection of individual rights to nondisclosure. a. Secrecy b. Privacy c. Security d. Sensitivity Q32. The purpose of a(n) ____ threat is to disrupt normal computer processing. a. privacy b. necessity c. secrecy d. integrity Q33. A(n) ____ is a stored-value card that is a plastic card with an embedded microchip that can store information. a. credit card b. debit card c. charge card d. smart card Q34. ____ is spending a particular piece of electronic cash twice by submitting the same electronic currency to two different vendors. a. Double spending b. Ignorant spending c. Double shopping d. Illegal shopping Q35. InternetCash allows consumers to send money instantly and securely to anyone with an e-mail address. a. true b. false Q36. Sending bills and receiving payments over the Internet can drop transaction cost to an average of 50 cents per bill. a. true b. false Q37. The term ____ payment refers to all payments of less than $10. a. mini b. small c. minitransaction d. microtransaction Q38. When a merchant accepts payment cards for online payment or for orders placed over the telephone, this is called card missing transactions because the merchant and the consumer locations are different. a. true b. false Q39. One way to be able to trace electronic cash is to attach a(n) ____ to each electronic cash transaction. a. name b. digital certificate c. serial number d. watermark Q40. ____ is an electronic cash system aimed at magazine and newspaper publishers. a. CheckFree b. Clickshare c. MilliCent d. CyberCash Q41. Which of the following provides electronic currency that is very similar to traditional cash? a. ECoin.net b. CheckFree c. InternetCash d. PayPal Q42. TCO techniques measure the amount of income that will be provided by a specific current expenditure. a. true b. false Q43. Most experts agree that the annual cost to maintain and improve a site once it is up and running will be between 10 and 40 percent of its initial cost. a. true b. false Q44. A(n) ____ is a formal review of a project after it is up and running. a. postimplementation audit b. team review c. system review d. network review Q45. Electronic commerce initiatives are, in general, more successful than other types of information systems initiatives. a. true b. false Q46. A(n) ____ is a person trained in art, layout, and composition and who also understands how Web pages are constructed. a. Content editor b. Web programmer c. Web graphics designer d. Content creator Q47. Project management was developed by IBM. a. true b. false Q48. International Data Corporation and Gartner, Inc. both estimated that the cost for a large company to build and implement an adequate entry-level electronic commerce site was about ____. a. $1 million b. $2 million c. $3 million d. $500,000 Q49. The best way to manage any complex electronic commerce implementation is to use formal management techniques. a. true b. false Q50. Which of the following techniques measure the amount of income that will be provided by a specific current expenditure? a. IBM b. WELL c. TCO d. ROI

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