ACTIVE LEARNING Post at least 200 words Include at least 2 scholarly sources in APA format (citations and references required) Do not write in the first/ second person for your

ACTIVE LEARNING Post at least 200 words Include at least 2 scholarly sources in APA format (citations and references required) Do not write in the first/ second person for your MAIN posts ( replies ok ) – read up on this a little more: Module 2 Answer the following two-part question. In your text, there are five goals listed for the initial responder to a crime scene. 1. In your opinion, which of the five goals is the most important? 2. Which would you categorize as the least important of the five goals? Module 3 Suppose that you were the initial responding officer to a major crime scene that appears to involve multiple murders. You have observed several victims’ bodies within the scene that you feel, based upon your experience of seeing many deceased persons, that they are obviously dead. EMS has also arrived and you tell them that you are securing and controlling the crime scene according to your departmental policies and procedures, and therefore they cannot enter the scene. The EMS personnel demand to enter the scene to “verify” that the victims are actually dead. As you are dealing with the EMS personnel, your department’s police chief, your boss, arrives at the scene as well. The Chief has no actual involvement in the investigative process, so you tell him that you have executed scene security and control as instructed and guided by department policy. The Chief tells you that, “policy is fine, but he is going to go into the scene and look around.” As he lights a cigarette, he begins to lift the crime scene barrier tape that you have installed, indicating his intent to enter the scene. are you, as the initial responding officer, going to do given the issues that you now face regarding your obligation to secure and control the crime scene? Include within your answer thoughts around the Saint Leo core value of respect. Module 4 You have responded to a crime scene at a local high school. Apparently a bomb has been detonated in the student parking lot. Two vehicles have been destroyed and burned as a result of the explosion from the bomb. As the vehicles burned, they exploded in two separate explosions, sending debris into an adjacent four-acre field utilized for football practice. You have called the local AFT office, and you were advised that there were no agents available to respond to your situation, as they are all busy fighting terrorism; you must work the crime scene on your own. You have decided to set up a search of both the parking lot, which is littered with debris, and the four-acre field. Your goal is to find fragments or remains of the original bomb. The lead investigator who is assigned to the case wants you to advise him of how you will handle the search in order to maximize the results. instructions and search patterns will you advise the searchers to utilize for a thorough search of the entire crime scene? Module 5 1. is the purpose of photographic placards (references) in a crime scene photograph? 2. is the purpose of taking two sets of photographs, one with placards, and one without? 3. In your opinion, if you sketch a crime scene, what are the essential elements that should be shown in your sketch?

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